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Which is your favorite Anime Opening of all Time?


For nostalgia sake. Plus it reminds me of my first kiss.

This one is interesting, it was on late at night in Japan. So the producer wanted an energetic song to open the show to wake people up. However once you watch the anime itself, the opening is far more interesting.


Tower of God is a far cry from a hype show with a dead weight protagonist and a useless antagonist, but that opening is the definition of fire!

I will happily die on this hill alone, hahaha!!!


"Kokkoku". It gets you really hyped up and I love the animation. On second place I would put "Devilman: Crybaby".


One that suddenly came too me for no reason, but still love it.


Honestly can’t decide for one..


Darling and the Franxx opening is the best for me now. It's addicting. Lol


Hmm...the best opening ? I really feel partial to the opening from High School of the Dead. The song is amazing imo.

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