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Anime Recommendations

Mar 27, 21 at 4:10pm

Aside from Jujutsu Kaisen, which was already properly nominated by others, my alternative choice for this season would be "So I am a Spider, so what?" Visually it is cheaply made with poor computer graphics animating the monsters, though I can set that aside if the narrative is strongly compelling. In this case I say that this anime does keep my attention enough to care about what happens next.



ITS BEING ANIMED BY CLOVERWORKS TOO (they did franxxx and wonder egg >:O!!!)


im so hyped

the animation quality is average, but the score sounds gorgeous


not an anime BUT

gokufushudo DID end up getting a live action show

and its fucking amazing


Cat's Don't Come When You Call is an underlooked anime right now

its cute, funny, and wholesome, and only 1:30 min long so you finish it in like 12 minutes

very worth the watch


Odd Taxi is another amazing anime this season, and I think it'll be the best one in the end, even over shadow house season 1

i was not expecting it to be so plot and character heavy, I expected comedy not mystery drama

Apr 24, 21 at 1:19pm

Happy sugar life
It seems not alot of people know it, it's a horror mainly about a yandere trying to learn about love, It attracted me becuase of how innocent and cute it looked but how actually it was sick and disturbed in subtle ways.

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