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what is an anime you like but nobody knows about?


Btooom was a pretty messed up premise for a plot. But still a really good one.


Darker than black was really good. Which brings to mind "Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom"


"Rokka no yuusha" was good, but was far too short... It really needed a second season.


Yeah rokka was TOO much of a hidden gem i feel. It aired with some big contenders such as noragami and stuff it didnt get much attention


You're right. They did have a habit of ending anime on a cliff hanger and then never making a second season.


If i see you in my dreams was a nice little short series I haven't heard anyone talk about.


theres a bunch of random ecchi anime that ive seen... :/


I've never heard anyone talk about Shadow Skill. I've always felt that anime seemed underappreciated. No one I know seems to talk about it really.

Oh yeah and Princess Nine. I'm not a sports anime person, but this anime was really good! But no one I know has heard of it.


Shadow Skills... now there's some nostalgia.

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