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what is an anime you like but nobody knows about?


Well surely if you compare this show to bleach/naruto/hxh and all the other shounen mainstream shows then yeah it is not very well known. But for people who watch anime on the regular or have watched say over 150+ shows (random number) then I would say it is pretty well known. But yeah you're right, none of them newbies or the normies would watch this. Hence for them it is not known at all


91 days. I rarely see anyone to all about it. It's such a good anime, but over looked.


Shonen Hollywood. Most overlook it because of the art style or the fact that, the popular series Uta no prince same came out around the same time.


I forgot about Lain, it's one of those cases where the anime is overrated and underrate at the same tim. Especially with the cult page (do you remember that?)


I'm glad I'm not the only one whole like Kuuchuu Buranko. It had a unique style, also the intro and outro music remains one of my favorites.

In terms of anime I like that most people might not know about, Otona Joshi no Anime Time was an OVA that really was a hidden jem form about 9 years ago. An anime about the older women finding issues in there lives.

There's also Plastic Neesan, but I don't know how many people really did see it.

Fortunis, the ghoul @fortunistheghoul commented on what is an anime you like but nobody knows about?
Fortunis, the ghoul @fortunistheghoul
May 22, 20 at 12:11am

City Hunter
Great Teacher Onizuka


Some popular ones from over a decade ago you guys may not know:

"Kare Kano" which is little known because it's older than most of you. From 22 years ago.

"Air Gear" was really popular 15 years ago. But do you guys know it?

"Gun Slinger Girls" was pretty messed up, but was also pretty good from 17 years ago

"Get Backers" that was one of my favorites from 18 years ago.

"Ergo Proxy" Had a pretty dark story line from 14 years ago.

'Kekkaishi" If you asked me what super power I'd want, this one still comes to mind. 14 years ago.

"Ragnarok the Animation" was one of the first anime/video games I remember watching and playing. From 16 years ago.

"Claymore" was already mentioned. It was another from about 13 years ago that was fairly popular. It was pretty gory. If you liked Berserker, you might like that one too.

"Working!!" which was a great comedy from 10 years ago

"Kurau Phantom Memory" a sci fi anime from 16 years ago.

"Kure-nai " from 12 years ago. That story was fairly twisted.


Lots of good gems in there.


My go to hidden gem is Skull Face Bookseller Hondo-san.


"Btooom" sorta in that strange realm of never being done cuz it aired back in the days where multiple seasons just wasnt a popular thing

"School rumble" a classic, very funny comedy anime that has romance triangle after romance triangle

"Majimoji rurumo" one of the last ecchi-esque comedy anime i have watched. Very good and the story is very unique

"Terra formars" i feel like the anime did itself injustice, i guess the budget or idek what wasnt good enough because the second season completely crapped on the first which was a masterpiece...i recommend season 1.

"Rokka no yuusha" a sort of mystery action anime. Similar to a who-done-it sort of anime

"R-18" funny comedy anime in which a teenage hentai author falls in love with an innocent girl

"Baka to test" another great comedy anime

"Darker than black" very action oacked and has interesting plot

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