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Black Clover


Ah snap! Wizard King is back from the grave!

Real tear jerker with all the good-byes. Least we have human Nero and young Julius now!


Captain Yami and Luck are the best characters.


Good news friends! I see more Black Clover episodes have came out recently. Wonder if Asta and the crew can stop whatever evil is lurking in the other kingdoms!

Jul 25, 20 at 12:19pm

Hmm, For me it was Vangeance. I mean, heck, I felt so bad for the guy... Can`t imagine the torment of having to choose between Licht/Patolli and Julius, not to mention what he must have felt after Julius died.
It`s so easy to judge that he was weak and that he caused the deaths of so many, but I always get stuck thinking: "what if I was in his place?". Sends shivers down my spine, what a cruel life he had.

Later edit: and my superficially favorite character must be Luck, don`t judge! Blonde, blue eyes, always smiles, and has an attitude worthy of a psychiatry text book.


Vangeance's powers are interesting along with his unique bond with Patolli. I am interested to know how the demons play a part in the Kingdom of Spade.


I love Black Clover. I wish this had been a series back when I was in middle school! Would have totally been my Naruto.

Sep 24, 20 at 9:08pm

i dropped the manga earlier on but i came in here just to say I'm weirdly attracted to the guy with black lipstick on the first page


Haha! I am a Gordon fan myself.@momoichi

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