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The Common Argument: Dub vs Sub


well yes growing up during the, I'm calling it "The Golden Age", there where some bad dub voices and MANY would not dare watch a dub for some odd reason back in the 90's. But then there were the dub's that were perfectly cast BUT for some reason or another the studio replaces an actor for someone else. PRIME example of this is Ranma 1/2 where Sarah Strange a woman voices Ranma Saotome for the OVA's the Movies and first 3 seasons of the tv series then was replaced by Richard Ian Cox for the last 4. Sarah was better and I can barely watch the last 4 seasons cause I don't like Richards voice. But thats just me. BTW go here to get the answer to the oldest question we otaku argue about in the Dub vs Sub war; https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/




with the only exception being ghost stories dub XDD


of course there is Urusei Yatsura NO ONE can watch the Dub. Its just that bad



Try "Infinite Stratos" dubbed... You get to hear foreign accents and it's hilarious


I ll watch a compilation of it on yt


I watch it in dub when I need a good laugh XD


i havent caught up with modern dubs, but back in my day (early 2000-2010's adult swim and animonday) the dubs were pretty good

some were still good but misses when compared to the subs, like flcl and evan

but animes like Inuyasha and full metal alchemist sound better in dubs (and naruto i think too but its been so long since I checked out the subs for that)

i think the main issue was the industry was so incestuous because of the lack of talented voice actors that when you heard a voice you already knew play a character it ruined that character

like one of the gundam spin offs had inuyasha's voice actor (though he was in a lot of other animes) and I cant not think of Inuyasha so it ruined it for me.

Aug 28, 20 at 8:02pm

Sub > Dub. I didn’t even know it was a debate.


I just prefer listing to stuff in my native language. I will watch sub though.

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