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23 year old Male
Last online 23 days ago
San Jose, CA
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Sep 27, 21 at 7:54pm


Just thought I'd pop in to say hello is all. Carry on my wayward son. Don't ya cry no more!

Mar 03, 21 at 12:45pm

I now know why this is your pfp. This be a good imouto.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for ThePandaTyrant
Jan 31, 21 at 10:59pm


kokojoy @kokojoy left a comment for ThePandaTyrant
Oct 16, 20 at 10:07pm

Doulou Dalu it is called Soul land in the English translation.

seruru @seruru left a comment for ThePandaTyrant
Oct 09, 20 at 8:14pm

Heya, its neat to know that you resonated with my posts! Most of my roleplay has been online, so I suppose you can say i like to act out different characters! But i am definitely open to doing it in cosplay as well, thats cool that you were a theater kid! ^^


Origin of my username...

I've loved pandas ever since I did a report on them in 5th grade and became known as "Panda Boy" by my classmates. The "Tyrant" got added in when I started a Tyranid army for the game Warhammer 40k and my leader was called a "Hive Tyrant".

Oct 08, 20 at 7:07pm

Nope! Too shy!!

kokojoy @kokojoy left a comment for ThePandaTyrant
Oct 08, 20 at 1:48pm

I haven't since I'm barely finishing a light novel right now and planning to read the second series of it. What is it about?


Pato's real name case file:

10/5/2020: After receiving the quest the letter "N" appeared at the very bottom of Patos "About" section

10/6/2020: Found a link to the "AHHHHH" video on YouTube

10/7/2020: Discovered another Easter Egg => Throw me out of the window you'll leave a grieving wife but bring me in through the door you'll see someone giving life. What am I?

Pato stripped me of my detective status...

Tomura Shookiraki @patopato Look at me. I am the detective now.
Jessie @erendel left a comment for ThePandaTyrant
Oct 06, 20 at 11:17am

Absolutely, my username is Erendela. I'm not on there as much as I used to be, but every once in a while I do some lessons.