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The Common Argument: Dub vs Sub

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I like both dub I can work on something else while watching it with out much worie about missing anything but also not all anime is dubed and those I just have to realize that I'll have to watch them when I'm less busy but I usually enjoy them both about the same


@TheSailingTeacup, I am curious what you would have said.


Both have their merits
I know people that watch dub because they struggle to read the subtitles fast enough and watch what's going on at the same time so Dub means they can just focus on watching what's happening without worrying about getting the context


I used to agree with Dub being preferred over Sub with the same logic as Aleph and Acacia. That of course changed once I exposed myself to truly bad English voice acting from Final Fantasy Unlimited! Now I want nothing but Japanese so that if it sounds like broken glass in my ear, I won't know what's happening!

In addition, I find the English voice cast too similar to DBZ in my Hero Academia and rely on the Japanese to separate the respective series. Unless it is a new show with a different voice cast from the usual Funimation, I will probably see it in the native.


99% of the time I like to experience the original work as intended, and that includes the voice actor selection.

Anime in japanese, American movies/series in english, etc.


I love both equally.
But I do prefer some anime subbed over dubbed, vice versa.


Dubs are tolerable if they do not inject forced memes or politics in them.

Looking at you FUNimation.

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