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Unpopular anime opinions!



Cowboy Bebop and Yu Yu Hakusho are better than the subs if you ask me. Then you have anime like Ghost Stories, Digimon, Crayon Shin Chan and Bobobo-Bobo-Bobobo where they just did whatever the hell they felt like and the result is arguably better than the sub if only because it's so funny.

Aug 28, 20 at 7:56pm

i was watching some old shin-chan clips on youtube and yeah the dub still holds up to this day

I like that they kept a lot of the Japanese terms and stuff as well, but the humor of shin-chan was already so western the jokes lands regardless

Aug 28, 20 at 8:09pm

isekai is the single worst anime genre out there


It’s one of those that’s really good if done right, or really bad if done wrong.

Sep 06, 20 at 4:10pm

Tokyo Ghoul is overrated and kinda ass

Sep 06, 20 at 4:11pm

Yes definetly when you look at the recent seasons

Sep 06, 20 at 4:17pm

It went from Ok, to bad, to ass

Sep 06, 20 at 4:24pm

For me it went from amazing, dissapointing, wtf is dis crap

Sep 06, 20 at 4:26pm

More truthful words have never been spoken


Yanderes are blegh

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