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Unpopular anime opinions!


What are some opinions that you have about some anime or anime in general that you know are unpopular? For example, to me, animation quality isn't that big of a deal. Yeah good animation can always make a scene perfect but i can still enjoy shows where the animation is bad just as well. (ex: Black Clover)


I personally do not want Carrot to join the Strawhat Pirates.


Jimbei (ma boi) entrance was unexpected and i didn't thought he would join´

almost all carrot fans are furries tho, shes like a luffy with fur


Bingo. What can she add to the crew?

Jinbei at least makes a good helmsman, which he showcased fantastically in Whole Cake Island. Plus who can say no to the strongest Fishman Pirate?


Akira is over hyped


Animation wise the hype is well deserved. Overall though it was pretty underwhelming due to the story feeling so rushed. Barely got to know the characters too.

I haven't checked out the manga but it's 120 chapters long and it was still publishing until two years after the movie came out. 2 hours definitely isn't enough to cover the 71 chapters that were out at the time without leaving things out and feeling rushed so it explains why it felt that way for me.


Correct. You can only squeeze so much story in a single movie.

Aug 28, 20 at 7:16pm

I got the BIGGEST winner in this chat, Dub vs Sub (bwahahaha). I will watch the dubs of anime where many would much more perfer the sub version. I felt that the voice actors that did that roll made that roll great

Aug 28, 20 at 7:52pm

@rteker1 some dubs are better than subs

full metal alchemist is the best example, but in general most of the dubs on adult swim were amazing ('were' now days theyr shit. soul eaters shinigami-sama dub voice was enough to drive me to near suicide over how terrible it was)

Aug 28, 20 at 7:53pm

amai is one of the best characters in one punch man (manga/animeonlys get btfo because they have no idea why)

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