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What was your first Anime?

Sep 29, 19 at 6:02am

Sailor Moon, my sister watched it a ton.

Sep 29, 19 at 7:38am

im not joking samurai champloo i didnt understand it as a kid but its one of my fave now

oxorbitxo commented on What was your first Anime?
Sep 29, 19 at 7:42am

Yu yu hakusho

Sep 29, 19 at 7:51am

Dragonball Z on toonami, Yugioh and Pokemon. Then the first anime I went out of my way to watch was Mirai Nikki

Oct 02, 19 at 1:50pm

naruto shippuden

Oct 02, 19 at 1:53pm

Pokemon, though the real thing that got me into anime was Naruto because it was the first time I had to go online to watch it in chronological order because as cool as the Ch┼źnin exams arc was, I wanted to know what happened next.

Oct 07, 19 at 10:35pm

SAILOR MOON, of course. So sue me, I LIKED the DIC dub! My favourite episode is "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall," especially the very Japanese moment when Usagi is still grumbling but gets shut up by the consensus! I liked the DIC lines like "Ratzafratz!" and "Maybe it's the seventh dwarf," and moments like when Usagi gets so angry there are flames in her eyeballs!

Oct 07, 19 at 10:36pm

dangan ronpa and akuma no riddle lmao
they were both mediocre but i have found memories of them

Oct 07, 19 at 10:42pm

vividred operation, Dragon Crisis and Angel Beats were the anime that I started

Nov 10, 19 at 3:44am

Ghost In The Shell

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