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Who was your anime rolemodel as a child/teen/adult?


I've never had a rolemodel from anime, but I do have certain individuals I respected growing up. A teacher in highschool that I used to hang with every now and then and of course the legendary Albert Einstein.


From anime it was first kino, makoto from sailor moon back when I was a wee thing.


As a child, I wanted to be like L in Death Note. It made me more studious and helped at school.

As a teen, like most people, lots of shit happened to me. I chose to think a bit like the Joker from Batman. "Nothing matters, everyone is fake. Why not just laugh about it"! Whenever I felt a bad emotion, I smiled in public or laughed in private. It really made me feel better. Nothing evil though ^^, only his philosophy interested me.

As an adult, I don't have a rolemodel. I don't want to copy characters or people anymore. I want my own personality. Although, I'm still stuck with a natural smile and I laugh instead of crying. I can control it though, I don't burst in a sad laughter in public.


Luffy he shows me to chase my dreams no matter what stands in my way


For me it was always Card Captor Sakura. I want to be both brave and kind.

Apr 30, 19 at 7:53pm

Lloyd Irving! Yeah, I know Tales of Symphonia started as a video game, but there was an anime adaptation of it, so I count it!


Probably Naruto, he was always empathic and he never gave up his dream.


Probably when I was tiny, the fully formed Voltron robot, then as a teen, Dragon Ball's Vegeta, and from my college years to now, Hellsing's Alucard


Naruto Uzumaki probably, I looked up to him so much and to this day watching the series still gives me that motivated feeling and brings back that optimism

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