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Who was your anime rolemodel as a child/teen/adult?

Apr 25, 19 at 12:46am
This account has been suspended.

From anime it was first kino, makoto from sailor moon back when I was a wee thing.


As a child, I wanted to be like L in Death Note. It made me more studious and helped at school.

As a teen, like most people, lots of shit happened to me. I chose to think a bit like the Joker from Batman. "Nothing matters, everyone is fake. Why not just laugh about it"! Whenever I felt a bad emotion, I smiled in public or laughed in private. It really made me feel better. Nothing evil though ^^, only his philosophy interested me.

As an adult, I don't have a rolemodel. I don't want to copy characters or people anymore. I want my own personality. Although, I'm still stuck with a natural smile and I laugh instead of crying. I can control it though, I don't burst in a sad laughter in public.


Luffy he shows me to chase my dreams no matter what stands in my way


For me it was always Card Captor Sakura. I want to be both brave and kind.

Apr 30, 19 at 7:53pm

Lloyd Irving! Yeah, I know Tales of Symphonia started as a video game, but there was an anime adaptation of it, so I count it!


Probably Naruto, he was always empathic and he never gave up his dream.


Probably when I was tiny, the fully formed Voltron robot, then as a teen, Dragon Ball's Vegeta, and from my college years to now, Hellsing's Alucard


Naruto Uzumaki probably, I looked up to him so much and to this day watching the series still gives me that motivated feeling and brings back that optimism



jk, im not one for role motels

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