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Nov 15, 18 at 6:40pm

I dont understand what possesses people to shave their husky and husky mixes. I mean they look awful. And why do people shave double coated dogs? It ruins their fur. If you want a dog you can shave bare, get a dog with a single coat and/or a poodle, or better yet, get a hairless breed. Oh they have em.
I feel sorry for the huskies who have shaved to the skin with only their head amd tip of tail poofy.
Please people, spare the embarresment and keep the coat lookin awesome. You will not see my girls shaven down unless they get into an accedent and surgery has to be done.

Sorry about my little rant. I feel better. ☺

♥ShyGirl♥ left a comment for zanevogel
Nov 12, 18 at 1:00am

Hi there! I love seeing Hanzo as your profile pic ^^ It's awesome seeing another otome-gamer here \(^-^)/

Nov 02, 18 at 7:01pm

Oh I decided to put on here my boys. They are mine. Muahahaha. Of course my glasses guys. Lord Mitsunari and sasuke.
Than the brothers hotaru and Lord saizo,
Finally my long haired boys. Lord Hanzo and lord sesshomaru.

Nov 02, 18 at 4:56pm

Argh, I hate the holidays in fall. They are one right after the other. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, new years.... Why can't they space out the holidays.

Oct 21, 18 at 7:16pm

Noooo it didnt post the artwork. Trying again.

Oct 21, 18 at 7:15pm

I did post this before, but I think ot will work better here. This is an art that a good friend of mine made for me. She was an art student and like me, sesshomaru is our idol. As you can see, if we both met sesshi, this is I believe how I'd act, with heart in my eyes. Just a little stretch she did for me.
I broke the page up into sections so you can read the cute little phrases we say. The arguing picure is funny and sesshi's expression of ignoring the psychos. (We actually did that when she told me she loved sesshi and I'm like no I love sesshi. So she actually captured us in anime.

Oct 21, 18 at 7:08pm

Why is it when I upload a picture on my page it flips it to the side? Anyone else having a problem with this? Ive even flipped the photo and it still comes out sideways. <grumbles>

Oct 13, 18 at 4:18pm

Who would love to have a kabe don done to them out of the blue? I know I would love to have it tried to me. Even if it may look strange.

laughingfox left a comment for zanevogel
Oct 10, 18 at 2:17am

Thank you for the welcome fellow Ancient!

Oct 08, 18 at 2:07pm

Oh man, lately I've been readying a lot of digital yaoi. I'm sort of waiting for a few animes to be released on crunchyroll. I'm dying for the next volume for sailor moon crystal. I know what happens because I own the complete manga series, but I can't wait to see it in action. I heard they are making the next series into a movie anime rather than episodes. I dont know how I feel about that, but it kind of makes sense.

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