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What was your favorite anime fight scene?


What was your favorite anime fight scene that you ever seen or current fight scene that interest you see the least in your childhood? my favorite scene of all time would have to be the clash between mugen and Jin on the first episode of Samurai champloo.

Jan 19, 19 at 1:48pm

naruto vs sasuke at the village end was one of my long time favorite

(the end portion mostly as thats when the animation budget is splurged)

hinata vs pain broke my heart (the manga is better cause she dies)

anime tokyo ghoul vs kaneki was pretty dope actually

all i can remember off the top of my head though :>

Jan 19, 19 at 1:55pm



Future Gohan vs The Androids
As awesome as Gohan was 1 v 2 with one arm, this was straight up tragic. Especially in Future Trunk's timeline where there are no Dragonballs, death is absolute and there's no coming back. That aside, it was cool seeing Future Gohan fighting back until his end.


Most of the fights in Yu Yu Hakusho definitely were my favorites. But I really enjoyed the Toguro fight, the dark tournament arc of YYH was basically THE battle shounen tournament arc. :u

Ushio and Tora seems pretty underrated, more people should watch it, seriously.

Of course I gotta put some type moon stuff in this list

Majestic Prince has some of my favorite fight choreography in recent mecha anime. Hell recent anime in general.

Other mecha stuff:

judgmentoftherain commented on What was your favorite anime fight scene?
Jan 19, 19 at 3:31pm
This account has been suspended.

Oh yeah, Dog Days (s1-3) had surprisingly cool fight scenes also. I totally went into it thinking it was just going to be a whole bunch of fanservice (there was of course. :U) But it legit had some interesting action scenes and very fun characters, turned out to one of my more recent favorites:

Rakudai kishi no calvary was great too. Too bad it didn't get a s2:


I can't choose all Hellsing's fights are amazing!


I know nobody watched Two Car, but there are a ton of hilarious fight scenes

Jan 20, 19 at 8:57am

Ryuko vs Satsuki was really awesome

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