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What was your favorite anime fight scene?

Jan 25, 19 at 1:22pm

This all happens in just the second episode btw


I've been waiting for a while, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned "Sword of the Stranger"


Yea Sword of the Stranger was amazing, slipped my mind xc


I don't have a link for it, but I think the Black Bulls' fight against Veto in Black Clover. You've got this group of underdogs, even among the magic knights, and this guy with so much magic power that he can even regenerate his own missing limbs and crush bones with one punch, and they have to work in perfect sync to help Asta land attacks with his anti-magic sword, the only thing that can stop Veto's regeneration, or indeed get through his magic reinforced body.


I definitely loved the first head-to-head encounter of Kyoko and Sayaka in "Puella Magi".
And in the original "Sailor Moon" I loved it how Makoto beat up a gangster on the street who was trying to steal Usagi's lunch money. And the best part was that she achieved this in her untransformed schoolgirl form before she even discovered her other identity as a planetary guardian who wields special powers.


Wouldn't say its the best but its one of my favorites


@ Elohan Jesus if this isn't one of the most brutal beatdowns in anime Idk what is. The blond guy is lucky to be alive!

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