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What was your favorite anime fight scene?


Hanayama vs Speck a battle that defies logic and disregards everything we know about human anatomy to make one delightfully violent fight I honestly didn't know who would win

Apr 02, 19 at 8:39pm

As much as I enjoyed that fight hanayama vs speck it’s not as good as Jack vs Baki in the maximum tourney

Apr 03, 19 at 2:34am

Sword of the Stranger's fights still look stunning and realistic (except for that sonic spin-dash during the final fight). Gurren Lagann wins hands down for fist pumping hype action. Then maybe Mob Psycho's recent season two fights for they're emotional weight?


Meruem vs Chairman Netero


Arthur vs Lancer

Kiritsugu vs kirei


It's not animated yet, it's airing next January. But it's going to be the most amazing thing to ever happen in anime history!
Don't miss the movie:


Rock Lee vs Gaara was the best fight in Naruto imo
AlsoTaiga vs Sumire inspired me to pick up a bokken

May 06, 19 at 3:24am

Madara vs the world.


Swordfights from Sword of the stranger

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