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First Anime Ever

Codename commented on First Anime Ever
Dec 01, 18 at 8:14pm

Elfen Lied's english dub, of all things xD

Dec 04, 18 at 7:12am

Dragonball Z and Cowboy Bebop were the first animes I've watched.

ahoge commented on First Anime Ever
Dec 04, 18 at 9:49am

Mine was Soul Eater, it's not reoccuring so no, but I have been meaning to rewatch it (marathoning it to see how many episodes I can squeeze in), but I have watched the spinoff Soul Eater Not!.

judgmentoftherain commented on First Anime Ever
Dec 21, 18 at 1:18am
This account has been suspended.
Dec 21, 18 at 7:35pm

Sailor moon. Though I didnt know it at the time. I went on vacation in Jr high and saw a little strawberry blonde girl with strange pigtails transform and I was hooked. Of course I couldnt remember the name and a few month later saw sailor moon with a girl with the same hairstyle only blong and taller and seeing the transformation I was hooked and later found the little strawberry blond girl only she didnt transform, so it made me wonder if it was the same show. That is until s came out where she transformed.

I do still rewatch it and even will pull out my manga and reread it. I'm currently waiting for the two part movie of sailor moon crystal to come out. (Or so ive heard).

Yuusaku commented on First Anime Ever
Jan 19, 19 at 2:02am

Devil Hunter Youko (also romanized as "Yohko"), Ranma½, and Sailormoon.
Then the Rumik World OVAs from the eighties.

Jan 19, 19 at 6:18am

My first anime was actually Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai "The world god only knows". It really got me hooked on the romance genre.

Lamby commented on First Anime Ever
Jan 19, 19 at 10:05am

whatever was on tv honestly

might have been sailor moon, i had a bunch of her toys, the movie, and boxset
pretty make up *pose*

naruto was the first anime i got suuuuper into, but before that i was heavily into inuyasha, but i watched all the anime on adult swim on saturdays

Jan 19, 19 at 1:14pm

In around 1989 or 1990, I saw this which was directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, a year before he became known for his Mobile Suit Gundam fame.

microwavelvet commented on First Anime Ever
Jan 19, 19 at 11:32pm

the first anime i’ve ever saw was yu-gi-oh but if you’re talking abt the anime that got me into the fandom thenit’s bungou stray dogs. still one of my favorites to this day! waiting for s3 tho..

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