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First Anime Ever

Jan 24, 19 at 6:26pm

If you count childhood anime it’s Pokémon but I wasn’t into anime until freshman year when I was super horny and I’m hesitant to say but the anime I watched to get me into anime was high school dxd


My first animes would have to be the following:

Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball
One piece
Yu Yu Hakusho
Samurai champloo

Jan 26, 19 at 10:18pm

It was either original Dragonball or Sailor Moon, can't remember. Now that I'm a big boy, I'm more for story than for action so... Unfortunately, I do not watch them any more.

Jan 29, 19 at 2:15am

Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, and animes from 4Kids (mew mew power, sonic the hedgehog, and magical do re mi).

Jan 30, 19 at 4:41am

I was first introduced to anime through Sailor Moon as a kid.

The first series that got me hooked were, Digimon Adventure, Inuyasha, Tenchi Muyo, Yu Yu Hakusho, Shaman King, and Mobile Suit Gundam.

ratte commented on First Anime Ever
Jan 31, 19 at 1:55am

Probably dragonball when i was 4

later Higurashi in high school


Dragon Ball Z

kamitsu commented on First Anime Ever
Jan 31, 19 at 9:17pm

It was either Dragon ball Z or Sailormoon can't remember which of the two I first saw on tv.

Nishmo commented on First Anime Ever
Feb 02, 19 at 11:35pm

Somewhere in my Sophomore or Freshman year of High School, I fell out of a relationship that led me rather devastated and I turned toward trying to find a romantic show to temporarily fill the void and make the difficulties a bit more tolerable.

Somehow, that let me to find the show Ai Yori Aoshi, yet I have no idea how I even came across it. What a savior that was for me.
After watching that, I'd come to watch others in its category, namely Kanon (2006), Clannad, Air, etc.
It really did help me get out of that funk. While I don't think I could rewatch Ai Yori Aoshi for fear of disliking it now that I have more experience with anime, I'll always hold it fondly for helping me in that funk.

Feb 03, 19 at 3:05pm

I remember watching the re-airs of Voltron, Gatchaman, and Dragonball Z when I was a kid, but the first show got really hooked on and pursued to it's conclusion was Robotech. Cool mecha action, interesting character drama, 4 continuously recycled songs, memorable death flags, Bridge bunnies, this show had it all.

Always take a minute before you sit down for a meal to always remember the Pineapple Salad and Steak that were let behind.

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