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Anime you hated the most?

kratos10987 commented on Anime you hated the most?
Jan 05, 19 at 1:27pm

I know people will largely disagree with me, but FLCL, and all the 'sequels' to it. I just cannot follow the plot at all.

Jan 05, 19 at 5:41pm

Vampire Knight, I really tried to enjoy it. But the entire first season just made me go uuugggghhh!

Jan 05, 19 at 5:47pm

attack on titan.... only cus I'm a bitter piety goofball who got tired of seeing it all over and hearing about it all day.

I read the manga.

also can't think of a good answer at this time.

Jan 05, 19 at 5:48pm

Well if I had to have anime that disappointed me and I felt was the worst enemy that I've ever watched it would have to be happy sugar life because they try to hard to make the main yandere seemed like she was a extremely badass character and also they literally made some of the characters seem worse in comparison. I know that it was trying to talk about emotional problems and how some people deal with it plus the disgusting things underneath somebody skin that they try to hide in their closet but it was seriously a downer for me to finish especially with the death of one of the only girls that actually had a bit of sense.

Jan 05, 19 at 7:28pm

elfen lied
i tried to read the manga ages ago but the art was SO bad i couldnt read it, no matter how good the plot was and it pisses me off an anime thats so kool had such bad art

as a kid i hated flcl because of how strange it was, and the ed creeped me out, but as i got older i started to like it


I can't say I ever exactly watched an anime that like made me absolutely hate it and everything related to it. I mean there's anime that made me think "this is pretty lame" like SAO for instance but I never was driven to the point to drop anything lol

Jan 05, 19 at 8:01pm

ill add SAO to the list now!

it had the naruto affect without being as good as naruto

Jan 05, 19 at 8:04pm

School Days

Jan 05, 19 at 8:08pm

I thought SAO was amazing, BUT it was one of the first I'd seen since my youth days of dbz and sailor moon.

I think it depends when and at what part in the anime journey of life you are in .... I tried to watch sailor moon these days, and like woah can't do it, but couldn't live with out it when i was 10!

tho I will forever hate Clannad xD i'm sure there are others.... if i think hard enough. I guess I didn't like SHiki or another either but they aren't my genre and I didn't know I was getting into horror when I started them, then couldn't finish bc i was scared and had to know what happened. which then didn't help me xD

Lol I guess I didn't realize I'd already voted for hating Clannad on here xD

Jan 05, 19 at 8:18pm

SAO was an alright anime that took off when it really shouldnt have
the trapped in a game genre was already pretty old (even yu-gi-oh had a trapped in a game plot line) and SOA is 100% not the best of the genre, yet it took off as if it were

i watched it when it first started out and enjoyed it slightly, but got bored fast. was really surprised to see how far it took off

both of the seasons were the exact same thing with the same weird rapey scenes with the same weird yandere stalkers
was pretty lazy story writing

the anime isnt the worst by any means, but it was over hyped for an old genre that SAO didnt do anything fresh with
atleast naruto had alot of original elements

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