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Anime you hated the most?

Aug 08, 18 at 7:36am

School Days both was shit and great at the same time. I guess I just enjoyed how messed up it was.

Aug 29, 18 at 7:08pm

Definitely didn't enjoy Sora no Otoshimono and Love Hina. While I recognize they have some decent qualities to them, the chibi moments of the first bugged me and kinda ruined any emotional tension for me, and the comedy of Love Hina went straight over my head

Aug 29, 18 at 7:36pm

Moblie Suit Gundam Wing. No. I enjoy every other Gundam series, but Wing is the only one I hate.

Aug 29, 18 at 7:46pm

I'd have to say that Ajin:Demi Human was extremely difficult to finish and enjoy.

Aug 30, 18 at 7:10pm

If I really don't like something then I stop watching partway through so I've never forced myself through something I hate but if I had to say off the top of my head which anime I think is the most shit, it'd be Black Clover.
Like the manga is mediocre and generic enough but the anime adds filler that's pretty much unwatchable, I only really watched out of curiosity and continued because it was kind of humorous how stereotypical it was of a shonen.
Still dropped it around episode 12 though, how do you add so much filler that you adapt like 5 chapters into 12 episodes?

judgmentoftherain commented on Anime you hated the most?
Dec 22, 18 at 12:19am
This account has been suspended.
Jan 01, 19 at 10:03pm

Sword Art Online. The worse anime I've ever seen and the only one I regret having watched

Jan 02, 19 at 8:26pm

RahXephon. I don't even remember much of it. I just remember my deep dislike of it.

Jan 02, 19 at 9:49pm

Diabolik Lovers. There is nothing going on and the plot is non-existent. I guess the only potential audience are masochists, girls that want a vampire boyfriend and ryona fans, but then they would probably think it's garbage and would watch something better instead. It's kind of like 50 shades of grey where there's a fetish going on but the author doesn't understand the appeal of the fetish.

Jan 05, 19 at 1:19pm

ookay, don´t kill me for this, but I hate Sailor Moon.. probably because I never watched it as a kid (so no nostalic feelings there) and I had a wrong image of Sailor Moon until I first watched it years later..I was so shocked about Usagi´s character, because somehow I never imagined her to be so.. stupid, whiny and childish and I thought this had to be a joke, so I sat through some episodes until I decided that I cannot take it anymore.. I haven´t watched it ever again since then...

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