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Anime you hated the most?

Aug 02, 18 at 1:18pm

Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance) was an overrated mess. It had illogical events all over the place. The only saving grace was one song from the anime.

Aug 06, 18 at 2:22pm

Black Clover is trash. Its just a cliche shounen that drags with an annoying ass protagonist

Aug 06, 18 at 2:30pm


Anticlimactic ending. Protagonist doesnt get with the girl he tries to save, killer doesnt get away and is caught in the most lack luster way, protagonist just so happens to meet up with coworker girl from the future after the past was altered and somehow they have a thing.

Had so much potential. If the protagonist would have died instead of going into a coma. Then the little girl figure out who the killer is along with the other little kids. The ending would have been so much better

Aug 06, 18 at 3:22pm

you want the guy to get with the little girl that he only knew when she was 10 because she died in one timeline and he was in a coma in another

thats some suss shit right there panda

Aug 06, 18 at 4:03pm

@kai wtf you mean? If he in a coma and she gets to his age they are technically the same age timeline wise. Not suss at all. Yet she has a kid with another dude and moves on with her life and not care at all about him. To makematters worse he ends up with the pizza delivery girl who HE HAS YET TO INTERACT WITH AND SHE DIED IN OTHER TIMELINE

Aug 06, 18 at 5:13pm

he hasnt known her beyond the age of 10, how will he end up even slightly having a relationship with her, and why would she wait so long to date someone who saved her when she was 10
and the fact he ends up with the pizza girl is hilarious lmao i didnt even know that or remember that

Aug 06, 18 at 8:54pm

I tried watching Excel Saga when I was sick and that just killed the series for me

Aug 07, 18 at 11:23am

Eromanga Sensei. That shit is straight garbage and I will throw hands with anyone who wants to fuck their little sister

Aug 07, 18 at 12:28pm

School Days by far the worst garbage that exists


NAHA! Your garbage can not be compared to my garbage ;P
The Diabolik Lovers garbage...

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