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Anime you hated the most?

Jan 06, 19 at 8:45am

i dont really "hate" any anime
except Re:Zero
horrific protagonists
nothing is properly explained so the watcher is in the dark (not even in a mysterious way, but instead in a "wtf is happening" way)
amazing waifu potentials that go nowhere
making the side chick the main focus to the point of shoving her down our throat just to "i love emilia" us later

most of the gripes iv forgotten about as i watched it awhile ago, but near the end it was becoming painful to watch
some great memes, i suppose
but thats it.
too bad, i would have loved rem but the fact that she was forced on us just made me dislike her
not to mention how the anime started out was so strong, it only started to feel painful around the beginning of half way through, and then just down from there.

it had potential at every turn but was over all poorly executed
a friend told me the LNs were better, so i guess the anime just wasnt able to translate as well for whatever reason

too bad

edit: reminded me, ram is the saddest of the sisters, because the anime ocne again failed at there attempt to make rem look sadder
ram lost her horn for rem, ram is hornless because of that
rem was ignored, sure, but ram had to deal with being the reason her sister was ignored
after that ep i ended up being more sympathetic for ram then rem
and lets face it
they gave ram that personality just to make rem shine
poor ram, so much more kawaii

Jan 06, 19 at 8:57am

is rem waifu?

Jan 06, 19 at 9:03am

Nisekoi i didnt hate but again, was disappointed by
the oneshot was much better than the actual manga as well
it could have been a good anime, as the animation is great and the character design is spot on and the basic plot was strong
but then
the fire nation attacked
shaft got their dirty hands on it

gourmet girls was another anime i had to stop because of shaft
such a shame


Of course an anime adaption of a light novel isn't going to cover everything. The anime adaption of Re:Zero basically only covered like the first two-three arcs of the series which are basically a giant build up to a bunch of things being revealed. That and a bunch of scenes and exposition were skipped along with characterizations, we don't actually even get to see Subaru's back story or Emilia built up as a character. And that exposition is important because of shit like that one part where Puck went berserk and Subaru gets killed, it was actually heavy foreshadowing to Puck's true nature and origins. Really a lot of the dead ends that Subaru hit provided some insight into certain characters that the anime didn't really cover

Rem just got so much because that just happened to be the arc where Rem gets a lot of build up. It's pretty funny because she's basically a non-character after the part where the anime ends for the rest of the series and then Emilia gets her character development.

That type of stuff happens all the time with anime adaptions of much more detailed source materials, anime adaptions of visual novels are just as bad with the huge amount of content that gets skipped or glossed over, like the Fate anime adaptions or Utawarerumono that kinda just suddenly drops all of the events of the last part of the VN at once without any exposition or explanation. If you ever find yourself watching an anime adaption of a visual novel or light novel. Please take the advice of the purists and just read the VN/LN so you can actually experience the story

Jan 06, 19 at 2:02pm

Re:Zero sucks? What utter blasphemy has this devolved to? Rem is ride or die just like Mikasa, is second only to Rei Ayanami, and is more badass than Yuki Nagato (human not godmode). nuff said


Sword Art Online.... first season was amazing to me but after that they screwed up it up. I stopped watching in the middle of Gun Gale Online. They could've done so much more with the first world but they rushed it baddd.

Jan 07, 19 at 8:02am

kaiser you were the one who told me that >w>/! and i believe it
as an avid fan of manga i understand when the source material has too much info to cover in 20 odd minutes for 24 (if lucky) odd episodes, but thats not a good excuse as at the end of the day, it ruined the quality of the anime

many different animes have changed things up so that the source material translates well in the different medium, and none have failed so bad at the pacing of information, or in Re's not even giving us crumbs as to whats going on

like i said, the start and early middle of Re was great, i was binging it, but the more it went on the more it was apparent things were happening we werent seeing and too many questions were going unanswered, only to bring up MORE questions on top of it!

iv seen alot of shitty anime, and im mad at Re because it shouldnt have sucked

and theres no hope for subaru
worst mc ever
started strong, like the anime as a whole, and then ended up shitty

it had everything going for it just to be a complete and painful let down

that being said, i will give the second season a chance
but the rem situation wasnt totally "it was just her arch" because ram was around too and i 100% believe they gave her that sour attitude just to let rem shine (when ram is clearly cuter)

at most ill blame the production company who chose to not give it more episodes, but i really think that if it just changed the story and pacing, to answer some questions and then bring more questions and mysteries it would have been better

an example of a manga that changed its story for the anime successfully, is Soul Eater

it's not a 1:1 comparison, sure, but they changed the story enough to fit the shortened version of the asura arch, which Re could/should have done

heres to hoping the second season can redeem it, but my hopes are not high

this lady is still best character

edit: i wanna add i heard of felixs backstory in a spoilah and that does sound pretty badass

and this guy was pretty hot/kool

Jan 07, 19 at 8:25am

inuyashiki by far, idk why i even watched it

Jan 07, 19 at 8:25am

that bowel cuttter or w/e her name is was pretty sick, and so was felt, id prefer to have seen the story tilt in their direction more owell

Jan 07, 19 at 8:26am


i even started making an amv for one of my songs with it months ago

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