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How do you watch anime?

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Nov 02, 17 at 8:59am

I used crunchyroll and funimation But since the start of exclusive rights I have been borrowing friends login for Netflix Hulu and Amazon strike.

Nov 17, 17 at 2:52am

Crunchyroll and Netflix. When neither has what I'm looking for, I just google and use whatever site pops up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nov 17, 17 at 8:21am

i use gogoanime and download the episode i wanna watch to save it for later

Nov 17, 17 at 8:21am

or i might use netflix

Nov 17, 17 at 10:06am

Kissanime because reasons.

Nov 17, 17 at 10:24am

Sadly I use KissAnime because i don't have the economy (and most of the time, means, because I live in Sweden) to watch it legitimately

Nov 20, 17 at 1:48am

Chia anime
Miscellaneous sites

Im cheap and dont want to pay.

Though if Im desperate to watch something in HD, I just abuse the free trials over and over when I want.

*walks away*
Now then...None of you heard anything from me.

Nov 20, 17 at 3:06am

Laptop, mobile is a pain.

Nov 21, 17 at 10:54am

Anniconex or kissanime. crunchyroll doesnt do it for me i kinda do not like it.

Nov 21, 17 at 1:34pm

whatever workd tbh

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