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How do you watch anime?

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Oct 01, 17 at 12:46am

Personally, I use kissanime, because I'm a broke boi who doesn't wanna pay for Crunchyroll. Also no ads. What about you?

Oct 01, 17 at 1:14am

I use Crunchyroll

Oct 01, 17 at 1:36am

the high seas, most of the time.

i go out of my way to support studios and authors i genuinely love, but as of late with the whole kadokawa crap i don't feel as bad sailing.

Oct 01, 17 at 4:44am

I split between Kissanime and Crunchyroll I would use crunchy all time but it doesn't have as much variety as Kiss which seems to have it all lol I remember the days where I strictly used Animefreak!! That was like my first site (days of megavideo )

Oct 05, 17 at 7:42pm

I use VRV and I do plan on getting premium soon its totally worth it and its legit you can download it on Android, IOS, PS4, And Xbox

But I also use or aniprop


i use crunchy roll and funimations website also if your wondering how i physically how i watch it alone in the dark hoping that eventually we find an inter-universal tear between space and time that would allow people to go to whatever anime they want to, but then realizing that it is impossible then i Finnish the anime episode some times season, cry and go to sleep only for it to happen all over again.

Nov 01, 17 at 1:22am

I buy anime sets on Blu-ray and dvd. I also watch anime on demand though spectrum.

Nov 01, 17 at 6:02pm

Well, sometimes i use Crunchyroll but i normally watch at


Occasionally I might use Crunchyroll during the times when there's a totally new season which either hasn't yet become locked for unsubscribed users or hasn't yet been uploaded to Kissanime. But for the majority of the time, I use Kissanime as my #1 choice.

Nov 02, 17 at 2:23am

Get a Roku device and get Pluto TV. They have a channel on there that broadcasts anime 24/7 and its free. You can also use Netflix, Hulu... but if you don't want to pay. There is also Crackle and Tubi TV, possibly others as well. Also there are some unlisted EU sites that stream and host it in HD.

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