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What's your favorite anime!?

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Lilith [FALLEN] commented on What's your favorite anime!?
Lilith [FALLEN]
Jan 19, 17 at 3:22am

Its actually not a movie, its an anime, but yeah, its awesome, i love the connection between the characters, the artstyle and the story. I haven't cried that much on an anime before.

Jan 19, 17 at 2:17pm

Re:zero sucked
the story line was all over the place
more questions popped up and literately NO ANSWERS
and subaru is THE worst MC iv EVER SEEN

not to mention the character prioritys made NO SENSE
"Hes going to end up with emilia....SO LETS MAKE HIM SPEND MOST OF HIS TIME WITH REM"

idk, im sure the manga was really good and it did have great art

anyways, best anime is a manga and that manga is Tokyo Ghoul

Jan 19, 17 at 10:27pm

In my classics list it'd be Ouran High School Host Club

Jan 20, 17 at 12:57am

Spirited away is my favorite. I remember skipping school every time it played on cartoon network


Mines Inuyasha. I remeber when I was a kid and home sick I was lying on the couch barely conscious and watched it and really loved it. Then I spent about 10 years looking for it again, when I found it I almost cried. Never been able to bring myself to watch the last episode of Final act though

traumaticsherry commented on What's your favorite anime!?
Jan 22, 17 at 10:23pm

Eyeshield 21 is my favorite manga but the anime for it was pretty bad : (

Feb 02, 17 at 10:58am

That's tough. Loved the big three, but alongside those there's Oregairu, FMA:B, The World God Only Knows and GSNK.
If I had to choose I'd say Fruits Basket. Loved the characters, especially Tohru and Hatori.

Feb 04, 17 at 6:57pm

Well it was ouran host club for me for along time but i just got done with your lie in april so that would be my new favorite

Feb 04, 17 at 7:40pm

The girls are badasses, there's two tomboys, the main character's voice actor screams like crazy and the plot is about a game development club, by the time I watched it I was also in a game development course. Among other things. It was love at first sight.

Feb 04, 17 at 9:38pm


(I have like 40.)

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