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Aug 12, 15 at 11:41pm
Ya, I wish here was MORE ... like every week I'll watch an episode then crave for another one since I want to know more about the plot... If the manga is out there I haven't seen it all Yet . . .
Anyone who just started reading the novels is very lucky though. We used to only get a small part of a chapter a week of the novels. The current rate of a chapter a week is great.
Aug 14, 15 at 12:54am
The main character is a skeleton wizard. So yeah it's great.
xypho @xypho commented on Overlord
Aug 15, 15 at 6:08am
This account has been suspended.
neeto @neet_one commented on Overlord
Aug 16, 15 at 2:27am
Normally I don't watch these kinda shows but figured I'd give it a shot just for the heck of it. It ended up being interesting enough. I Think the concept is interesting, even if it boarders a bit close to sao. My main issue with the series however is the horrible pacing. Things are dragged out so badly that some entire episodes feel pointless. Not to mention the character feels a bit too over powered. I can see the appeal of power fantasy material but it's a bit over kill here and leaves a number of plot holes. Still, I'm curious to see where this leads so I plan to keep following along.
Aug 16, 15 at 5:30pm
This account has been suspended.
Sub @sub commented on Overlord
Aug 22, 15 at 12:56pm
I am up to date with the English translation of the light novel, been enjoying it so far. Also the art in the Light Novel is awesome. Been watching the anime and it is kind of a let down to be honest. Not sure if its because the novel has more detail and I imagined things different but it just feels like another Sword Art Online or Log Horizon.
Ladune @ladune commented on Overlord
Aug 22, 15 at 3:19pm
Damn great anime. Although I wish that as the "Overlord" Ains or Momon would take some more really Evil actions. Right now I feel like he is kindoff the undercover evil guy,, like a wolf pretending to be a sheep kind off thing.... (not all his actions ofcourse.. got to kill the angels >:) )
Aug 22, 15 at 3:56pm
So much gouda cheese. I love it
Aug 24, 15 at 11:36pm
i thought it it was gonna be another SAO or another Log Horizon, but it shows it's difference between the other shows.
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