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What'cha guys think? It's a new anime this season, but I've been following the novels for ages now. Really interested in hearing what others think. Anime PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuNAPPcjDr4 OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMoVmSV4yA8 ED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKpEj6oy2QQ Novels http://skythewood.blogspot.com (New Chapter Every Saturday) https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Overlord
Aug 09, 15 at 4:08pm
I havent gotten a chance to watch it so far, has the anime been good so far?
Sai @sai_cx commented on Overlord
Aug 10, 15 at 2:00am
I'm caught up on the anime, and read a bit of the manga adaptation. I want to try reading the LN too. So far, I reaaally like it. Even though it's game themed, it feels more adult? Like seinen type. You know what I mean? I dont know what the demographic for it is, but that's how it feels and I totally dig that. It's kind of slow paced but not boring at all. Some anime that have a slow pace are pretty dull to me but not this one. I'm always looking forward to the next episodes. Plus, I really like the opening and closing themes. Very good.
Going from the novels, I'll just say now the manga and anime skip a lot of little things. But they're overall a good adaptation. Just wish it was more than 13 episodes. That's a lot of stuff to be covered in a little about of time.
wavercd @wavercd commented on Overlord
Aug 12, 15 at 10:54am
I'm really going to want to read the novels after the anime is finished. Been enjoying this show a great deal. Ware there any places that have all the currently released novels translated? I've only been able to find up to volume 5.
Aug 12, 15 at 11:15am
Make way there is a new yandere in town lol albedo is my fav chatacter so far http://i.imgur.com/RgwPYAP.jpeg I think overlord has potential but right now its moving kinda slow for me its still pretty good dont get me wrong
wavercd @wavercd commented on Overlord
Aug 12, 15 at 11:38am
I'm usually not a big fan of yandere character, but something about Albedo, hot damn.
Sultry @ep1k1y commented on Overlord
Aug 12, 15 at 1:41pm
I love this show!
@Wavercd Sorry about the later reply. The novels are currently only translated up to volume 5. There are 9(or 10) novels currently out. The author plans on going for 18. Anywho, unless something happens between now and Saturday, a new chapter is released every saturday at around 11am ish my time at http://skythewood.blogspot.com/. They just finished volume 5 last saturday, and supposedly continuing onto volume 6. And fyi, some guy has been working on volume 7 on baka tsuki for a while now. Dunno how far he's gotten because I refuse to read ahead. But yeah, you can read most of it off Skys blog, which is my preference. I use my tablet and it doesn't kill my eyes.
wavercd @wavercd commented on Overlord
Aug 12, 15 at 11:18pm
@iamtheredsev nice, thanks for the info man. Good to know I'm not out of the loop, but yeah I'd prefer not to read ahead either. It'd be real nice if a company like Yen press would get some official english release out there for the novels. They have been picking up a lot of good licenses lately.
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