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Neverland left a comment for Sultry
Nov 29, 18 at 8:57pm

Dr. Watson is that you? It's me Holmes!

joker27 left a comment for Sultry
Jun 21, 18 at 7:54pm

Hey there! Thank you so much for accepting my request! ;3

meisterman1985 left a comment for Sultry
Jan 17, 17 at 7:32am

Hi. What's up?

cabbage left a comment for Sultry
Oct 07, 15 at 6:42am

welcome back dudenerd.

Aug 09, 15 at 2:27pm


cabbage left a comment for Sultry
Jul 30, 15 at 7:17pm

nice music taste nerd

Tri Tri <3 left a comment for Sultry
Jul 11, 15 at 6:51pm

Hiya epikly! Thanxies for the add. :)


What kind of job do you have if I may ask? Most of my jobs won't let me use any kind of headphones since I need to communicate with others or listen for phones or customers. I work night shift at a hotel and help with breakfast. I've also worked at grocery stores and warehouses. Only time I had my own music was one dishwashing job I had years ago. I wish I was talented enough to work an online job @ home. But I didn't stay in college (though my major was Computer Science). I'm looking to buy camera equipment after I move to work on a hobby of photography and cinematography. I eventually want to work on small indie film projects.


I never had a chance to try good iem's, but I don't really care for the feeling of something in my ear. Though they have the best potential if you get the custom fit ones (starts to get really expensive). They Beyerdynamic I had was sooo comfortable, like pillows on my ear. I'm thinking of getting another and using them as a reference for any future headphone purchases. My Ultrasone has more bass but everything else is worse. The mid to upper range is uneven, thin and harsh, but they do improve a bit with better amping, but they also are not nearly as comfortable. I'm also curious about the Hifiman series of planar magnetic headphones.


Unfortunately I don't live anyplace where I can audition headphones so it's always a gamble. I heard the X1 was great with a cable upgrade. I wonder if it might be too dark sounding for my tastes. I loved female vocals on the Beyerdynamic. Some people consider them bright sounding but I never did, but then I had Grados right before and those are peaky and bright. The best cheap headphones I ever tried (under $40) were Audio-Technica. I always wanted to try their more expensive phones but I was more interested in the AD1000X or new wood cup W1000Z, also the new M70X is out:
I'm also curious about the Shure SRH1540:
But I can't afford to buy new headphones for awhile. I'm saving up to move to Joliet, near Chicago in October.

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