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joker27 left a comment for Sultry
Jun 21, 18 at 7:54pm

Hey there! Thank you so much for accepting my request! ;3

meisterman1985 left a comment for Sultry
Jan 17, 17 at 7:32am

Hi. What's up?

cabbage left a comment for Sultry
Oct 07, 15 at 6:42am

welcome back dudenerd.

Aug 09, 15 at 2:27pm


cabbage left a comment for Sultry
Jul 30, 15 at 7:17pm

nice music taste nerd

Tri Tri <3 left a comment for Sultry
Jul 11, 15 at 6:51pm

Hiya epikly! Thanxies for the add. :)


What kind of job do you have if I may ask? Most of my jobs won't let me use any kind of headphones since I need to communicate with others or listen for phones or customers. I work night shift at a hotel and help with breakfast. I've also worked at grocery stores and warehouses. Only time I had my own music was one dishwashing job I had years ago. I wish I was talented enough to work an online job @ home. But I didn't stay in college (though my major was Computer Science). I'm looking to buy camera equipment after I move to work on a hobby of photography and cinematography. I eventually want to work on small indie film projects.


I never had a chance to try good iem's, but I don't really care for the feeling of something in my ear. Though they have the best potential if you get the custom fit ones (starts to get really expensive). They Beyerdynamic I had was sooo comfortable, like pillows on my ear. I'm thinking of getting another and using them as a reference for any future headphone purchases. My Ultrasone has more bass but everything else is worse. The mid to upper range is uneven, thin and harsh, but they do improve a bit with better amping, but they also are not nearly as comfortable. I'm also curious about the Hifiman series of planar magnetic headphones.


Unfortunately I don't live anyplace where I can audition headphones so it's always a gamble. I heard the X1 was great with a cable upgrade. I wonder if it might be too dark sounding for my tastes. I loved female vocals on the Beyerdynamic. Some people consider them bright sounding but I never did, but then I had Grados right before and those are peaky and bright. The best cheap headphones I ever tried (under $40) were Audio-Technica. I always wanted to try their more expensive phones but I was more interested in the AD1000X or new wood cup W1000Z, also the new M70X is out:
I'm also curious about the Shure SRH1540:
But I can't afford to buy new headphones for awhile. I'm saving up to move to Joliet, near Chicago in October.


Fidelio X1? Nice. The X2 is supposed to be even better. I miss my Beyerdynamic DT880. I had to sell them when I needed money badly. Bought some Ultrasone pro 750's later just to try them out but they are inferior in almost every way. I've also owned Grado sr60 and sr80 and Sony mdr-v6's a long time ago. The Beyer I had was the best so far. Only complaint was just that they were only a tad bit lacking on bass impact on some songs and they just sounded a bit dull and flat through the mids. But I never had a really good amp to try them on. Right now I'm lusting after either a Beyerdynamic T90 or Sennheiser HD700 but they are both $500+ headphones. You might be interested in:

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