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What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

MaiOtaku Forums > Anime News and Discussion > What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

This is r0BSCENE-Pie with r0BSCENE-Pie in the sky.
So, Dragon Ball Z way back before it even aired on Toonami and was on actual broadcast television. Y'know, back in the day when there were actual Saturday morning cartoons? But I lost it when that show came out. I was out buying figures, untranslated manga, dressing up like characters for Halloween, imported the fighting game for my Super Nintendo. Yup, it was that long ago. To this day, you can still see its influences in my drawing style.
Ah to be an early teen again.


Pretty sure it was tenchi muyo. might of been dragon ball Z, they were around the same time so i cant remember exactly.


I believe my first one was mazinger z or saint Seiya when i was 3 or 4 years old maybe both, since then anime has been my life.


Doraemon, on Chinese tv when I was super little.


Hello this is Alice! Mine was defiantly Jigoku Shoujo it's still my favorite


Hi, I'm Kiritorbiter259 and the first anime I watched was Robotech when I was nine years old it was on toonami during the 90s.


I'm Eric, I'm 30, and frankly my memory is fuzzy. There were a lot of shows I watched back in the mid-late 90's when I started to understand what anime was, but I can remember watching stuff like Harmony Gold's Dragonball and Voltron as far back as the late 80's. If I had to point out the one show that really made me an otaku, it would have to be Gundam Wing. Once I discovered mecha, there was just no going back.


The anime that first got me into it was Naruto and i was a senior in high school (I'm 24 now). I use to just play sports year round, too bad I didn't get into anime sooner :( nerd > jock


Ryan, and the first anime that turned me into an otaku was Ronin Warriors(the english version of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers)

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