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What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??


Tell me. Introduce yourself first then tell what and why?


Hello my name is Robert I'm 20 years old from Glasgow
And the first anime I watched that turned me into an otaku was outlaw star because it was was on of the first anime's I watched on toonami as a kid and loved the story and the artwork
What was yours


Hi, I am Hazel from Philippines. Turning 17. The Anime that I 1st watched was Cheeky Angel.


Hi! please call me Asarucchi. im still 15 years old. and about the Anime... it was Kuroko No Basuke first season


Hello! Call me ChiChi 17, my first anime was Zatch bell, if anyone remembers that xD


Hi im matt my first was inyuyasha


Yo I be the neet-one but yall fly honeys can dub me Goshujin-sama, word. I been peepin them animez since long back whens but what got me rollin tru otaku? dat gots to be the trigun. It were stright up sick son, off the chain for real. yall don even kno.


Hello, my name is Aki.
My first anime that got me to be an otaku has to be Angel Beats or Girls Bravo. They both got me into the nosebleeding spirit.


I used to be a pokemon sicko like pokemon everything even started a fan club (age 5), then got into sailor moon down the line bought the scepter I mean like everything. First real anime was Ranma 1/2 though or was it hentai ah who cares XD.


Sailor Moon !

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