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What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

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Sailor Moon of course :p


Either Nausicaa or Macross.


I've seen shows like pokemon, yu gi oh, digimon, dragon Ball z and others like these as a kid but at the time I didn't even know what anime was. The first anime that I watched knowing that it was a anime was detective conan


Someone i know had Zeta Gundam on DVD, i borrowed that and an otaku i became. After that i discovered the glory of watching anime online, and the first one i watched online was either Sekirei or Queen's Blade, so those 3 animes have a home in my heart.


Hi, I'm Lizzie or call me BB.

The first anime I watched was Pokemon, but the one that really changed me into an anime nerd was in fact Naruto. I've been with the story from Naruto, to Naruto Shippuden and now to Naruto Gaiden. After that I fell in love with Zatch Bell


Hello, you may call me Charlie and i'm currently 24 years old. The first real anime i watched that introduced me into this type of world was Vandread. Why, because the idea behind it was so interesting and i enjoyed the artwork, very funny one as well to me at the time.


The names Jason and im 17. The first anime that turned me into an Otaku was bleach. the early episodes' tone were a mixture of serious and hilarious which made instantly fall in love with the show. After that, it basically became a gateway drug to different anime such as FLCL and lucky star.


One of the very first anime I've ever seen was VOLTRON,

but it was in the 90s all thanks to Rumiko Takahashi's work that
got me interested in Anime as a such as Maison Ikkoku & Ranma 1/2

I saw mecha anime such as Macross, patlabor and gundam...

The 90s was a great time


naruto......uzumaki naruto!!!
im raj nam toh suna hoga...17..

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