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Computer builds

neeto commented on Computer builds
Dec 26, 16 at 4:07am

Seems like a pretty good case, plenty of features packed into it.

Dec 26, 16 at 4:14am

Yeah, probably overkill though. But it looks like it may last a long time.

Dec 26, 16 at 4:15am

I already have a motherboard but I need to get a car before I finish my build.

kh04 commented on Computer builds
Dec 26, 16 at 5:28am

It's a great looking case, what I've learned with making your on rig, when it comes to the case go with that pleases your eyes. That's the part you're going to see 90% of the time.

Dec 26, 16 at 5:47am

Also, is about everything maxed out with a GTX 1070 or 1080? I'm not that worried about full 4k right now but I may get a widescreen WQHD (3440x1440) display.

Dec 26, 16 at 11:31pm

When you say maxed out, do you mean overclocked? Some come with a nice OC right out of the box, others you gotta manually do it, MSI Afterburner is the OCer of choice.

Case looks nice, if a bit overkill imo. Then again, I'm not into those kings of cases, so that's my thing lol.

Also, aside from the Mobo, what other parts are you planning on using?

Dec 27, 16 at 12:27am

My motherboard isn't designed for overclocking, it's a workstation board. MSI C236A: I want to use a Xeon processor and Registered RAM. I'll just wait for the new Kaby Lake chips coming out next month. MSI motherboards should be compatible with just a BIOS update.

I'm also going to get a Samsung 960 pro M.2 500GB card for Windows 10 and gaming and a pair of RAID mirrored 4TB Hitachi Deskstar drives for Linux and media (anime/videos/photos). (Dual boot Linux and Windows.) Probably an EVGA SuperNova psu (650 or 750w) 32GB(4x8) Kingston DDR4 ECC RAM. Probably an MSI GTX 1070 graphics card.

I would love to splurge for a curved widescreen 34" 3440 x 1440 monitor (but $700+).

Dec 27, 16 at 12:44am

Seems like absolute overkill lmao. The SuperNova is a solid PSU choice. Good call on the MSI 1070, just so happens I have it as well.

And for Kaby Lake, I'd rather not wait and just get a 6700 and be done with it. The gains will be minimal and it's still a fine processor (source: I own a 6700k)

Also, why a workstation board instead of a Z170/X99? Does your work require it?

Oh, as for Ultrawide, go Korean. Slightly worse panel grades for a few hundred cheaper? I'm cool with that, and am cool with RMAing a monitor if I gotta.

Dec 27, 16 at 2:50am

I'll check prices but why not go Kaby Lake if it's not a huge price difference? Also I need to get a car first so it will be March or so before I have it all together. That workstation board had the best features for the price that I wanted: 32Gb/s M.2 slot, USB 3.1 gen2 type-c, Intel gigabyte LAN, SLI support. (probably getting a VR headset later).

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