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IamAme started DILEMMA!!
Dec 24, 16 at 11:09am

Do you think I should tell my gf about me being an otaku..a hardcore one to add....

Wagen commented on DILEMMA!!
Jan 01, 17 at 8:58pm

Yes, why not? If she likes you for who you are it should not be a problem, and even if she doesn't like it it's better to tell than having to hide it forever.

Chocopyro commented on DILEMMA!!
Jan 08, 17 at 11:54am

Does she have any biases towards otaku culture? If so, let it in slowly. Otherwise, just have her sit down and watch some gateway animes with you, and when the subject comes up, spill the beans. You can't make someone else an otaku though. It either grips someone or it doesn't, and trying to force someone to like something you like is a violation of their free will to like whatever they happen to like.

Blank commented on DILEMMA!!
Jan 09, 17 at 6:54am

Why is this a dilemma to begin with. If you make doubts, something is bound to happen

APerfectHalo commented on DILEMMA!!
Jan 23, 17 at 11:23am

Surely if you're in a relationship, you want the other person to know all of you, and vice versa?
Whatever you do, don't pressure them into watching anime or reading manga if they don't want to - relationships tend to fail when one person tries to make another change.

Travisemo007 commented on DILEMMA!!
Jan 23, 17 at 11:44am

i agree with ChocoBro. introduce he to your otakunice slowly, a little at a time, and see how she takes it. If she takes it well, let out some more. if she accepts pretty well, go all out weeaboo lol. Dont tell her straight up till you know for sure though.

Jan 23, 17 at 3:31pm

Lying to your gf is never a nice thing to do.

IamAme commented on DILEMMA!!
Jan 25, 17 at 3:25am

Ohhkay..I made my mind..Im going to tell her straightly but seriously I dont think she would mind anyway..

IamAme commented on DILEMMA!!
Jan 25, 17 at 3:29am

gf:childhood friend
her twin bro:my best buddy till now..
That is an advantage and Im going to use it..

ouma_adam commented on DILEMMA!!
Jan 25, 17 at 12:47pm

maybe just lowkey suggest her a classic anime to watch, let her see what she thinks of it. If she enjoys it, then you can slowly introduce her to more general anime culture without going full blown otaku.

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