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Lets talk Boobs

I'm honestly interested in what guys find appealing about them... like to me, they're just boobs. Nothing grand about them... SO... what's the appeal? and GO!
May 19, 16 at 5:02pm
For me they are those Pillow like parts on a girls body I want just to lay my head on and nuzzle into them listening to the beating of the girls heart giving me a soothing feeling....Thinking more detailed about it its like being magically attracted to them...and I know massaging them and playing with them is a way to make a girl feel good <3
It is something that evolution has made men go crazy which is due to reproductive chemicals released in the brain of a dude to get attached to them that is your answer or scientificly any ways
May 19, 16 at 5:10pm
Theyre soft and squishy great for relieving some stress and great to rest your head on. although im not very interested in them i cant say i wont appreciate a good pair of natural ones
May 19, 16 at 5:16pm
Society has a big impact on what we find appealing, too. Do you think in societies where women are mostly topless that men are constantly aroused? No. Yes, there's an evolutionary thing to it, but beyond that, some like them big and some like them flat. For me, they're some how comforting, but I prefer a beautiful pussy any day. Now, that's a subject I love to think about.;) And no, not just because of sex.
May 19, 16 at 5:49pm
what are boobs?
No your asking the wrong question define boobs
I mean...I like boobs, but they're not a requirement for me to be attracted to someone. The reason that I like them is that they are soft and playing with them can generate arousal for her.
May 19, 16 at 6:34pm
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