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Looking for true love

hey, I am trying to find a special girl here. Someone similar to me. I am shy and I cant talk to strange girls on the street and start a conversation. So I guess I try it here. I wish to find someone who likes to cuddle a lot, someone who would like to spend a afternoon watching a movie or anime, cuddling under a blanket while I slide my fingers through her hair. Someone who really wants to be loved and who would truly love, hopefully to have a very long and maybe never ending relationship. She should be funny, crazy, loyal and perverted to be honest. Is it so impossible to find someone like that?
Welp if you don't find her then look on the brightside you could make a killer amount of money writing dirty books. HAHAHAHA
Jan 18, 16 at 10:49pm
Not impossible to find someone like that, just impossible to get that someone like that to like you.
Jan 19, 16 at 12:08am
Not impossible. Even though you're shy, just be yourself. Talk to the girls here and stay calm. They're human just like you so it shouldn't be that difficult.
Jan 19, 16 at 5:37am
You have to remember that there will be a lot more to a person than what you are "looking for". But if you get out there and meet people you will find someone you like.
Jan 19, 16 at 7:18am
Hey guys! I'm desperate and in need of looove! Also, I'd like some fries with my order! Hmmm... I wonder if anyone has said they just want an ass hole? I mean, do you have to let people know that you want nice? Do you think they'll think you want a bitch otherwise? I see these.threads as a cry for pity. "I'm a nice guy with simple likes and I don't understand why people don't just flock to me because of this. Loooove me, somebody!". Is it possible that maybe you need to prove yourself worthy instead or that you're not as wonderful as you think?
Noo, thats not it. I am seriously just a normal dude who wants a serious relationship. And I am not very nice, since I am actually quite the pervert. But either way, my wish is to have a long relationship with someone similar to me. This is probably not only a cry for someone to love me, but also a thread where I just say what I actually wish and maybe someone who thinks the same way will read it.
Jan 19, 16 at 2:07pm
You have to look at it from the psychopath-perspective. You stand above all other human trash, they are worthless compared to you. It is an honor for them if you talk to them. With this attitude, and maybe some minor acting skills, just approach some women (of your choice ofc) and ask them for directions or something to initiate a conversation (start with a compliment, that always works). You will notice that the image you create of yourself is pretty darn hot in the eyes of most women. Of course, while seemingly arrogant, always stay determined and classy. Side-note: My hobby more or less is acting, because I like to create appearances of another me in the eyes of strangers. Since I have become VERY good at that over the years, I started trying out some fun stuff with it. The previous paragraph describes one thing I observed. I just felt like sharing this, because you all tell me you don't know how to approach a woman in public. If you are ugly AF, forget all the above. *EDIT* That all of course just helps you initiate some kind of vague acquaintance - you will have to get to know the other individual yourself. Then you can decide if it's relationship-material. */EDIT*
Wow, thats great, thank you. I study a lot of psychology so your method actually sounds interesting for me. I will try that out, thank you very much :)
I have not laughed so hard in a while. Thanks マックス. WOW. X'D
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