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What is the quickest way to your heart?

Is there any thing a significant other can do for you that would give them major brownie points with them? What flatters you the most? What butters you up the most? I'll start for an example. The quickest way to get to my heart is to spend money on me. For a girl to spend her hard-earned money on me tells me I'm important enough for her to spend money on me. I'm usually the one to take charge, but when a girl insists on making small sacrifices for me I find it really flattering.
The quickest way to my heart... That'll be kinda hard. The reason is because gifts won't do much. Sure, it's nice but I'm not that materialistic. I have received gifts before and felt nothing, honestly. Maybe if their gift was handmade, that could earn them points since they made it themselves and put their feelings into it as they made it. Handmade gifts are priceless. :) Maybe their personality would get to my heart but that would take awhile. Honestly, I'm unsure. Lol
Well, I get hot meals when I get off of work and sex on tap(Not even kidding,I honestly feel lucky and humbled by my girlfriend and hope not to jinx myself by saying more...XD)...Really though, a desire to put others before herself and a loving heart towards family /children. I say what I expect of myself too,meaning, I put her first too. All in all, I just want a partner in life with a love for life and a heart of gold.
Lol Arc I should tell veru to troll gift u the latest urgot skin on LoL
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100 MILLION DOLLAR AND TWO CITIZEN SHIPS Or donnie, pls notice me t.t
*Insert crazy sadistic smile* Honestly the quickest way to any heart is through the rib cage. 8D But for my heart.....food. Just food...and maybe belly rubs afterwards.
A constant thing: contacting me first. Too many times I have to start conversations with people, I should hope this is not the case with my lady! Other than that, giving me massages, or overall not able to keep herself off me just excitedly dash up an hug me or steal a kiss or something else. Being physical is attractive. Passionate about something I am passionate about whether sports or anime or gaming. Whether it's as my ally or debate rival :)
be my type and cool
The quickest way to my heart is someone with empirical zeal
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