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Are You a Samurai or Ninja?

Samurai typically fight with honor to win a fight while Ninja might consider fighting dirtier with lower standards of how to engage a battle.If I had to pick which one I liked better I'd pick Samurai since I'd think I'd be handy with a sword but ninja are more karate style and jumping off of roofs and s***.Which I'm not that bold to try irl.lol
I am big into martial weapons so I'll say samurai. But I will give pros and cons Samurai- Wield the Katana, a great, if not the greatest curved and regular longsword, at all times. Possess shortswords, knives, and occasionally two handed greatswords. Trained in, if not regularly use, the naginata, a polearm with a curved blade. In special cases the zanbato, designed to take down cavalry, which the samurai is proficient in riding. And finally, the Umi, the greatest Asian longbow (the best longbow is the English/Welsh one). And while we are being historically accurate, some samurai could use a musket, but this was usually regulated to peasant fighters. Extra items could be the spiked club (forget the Japanese name) and possessing some of the best armor of all time. And if it came down to it, the samurai trained not only in swordplay (which would become kendo), but also judo and kenpo to build strength (not necessarily use). Like the knights of Europe who had similar weapons and training, the samurai are basically a Japanese version of the European paladin, except more marketable. Downside is after the end of the Age of Warring States, the Japanese did little except be ceremonial (take part in tea ceremonies), write poetry, have huge families, invent both sashimi and sake, and basically rule over everyone else. But it sounds like my kind of life. Ninja- Usually peasants with few formal training in warfare, but specialize in stealth and assassination. They use glass powder to blind enemies, poison darts, and shuriken/scythes (which grew from peasant tools). There was no "ninja blade" as Hollywood popularized, but they did use longer knives/shortswords. And they would steal weapons from their enemies. Some trained in martial arts, but they only succeeded against the samurai when they were distracted and they had the element of surprise. In one on one, the ninja would be slaughtered by a samurai. The question is if you want to spend your life assassinating nobles and spying. Samurai fought in the Age of Warring States, but after that had a social position (not a political or economic one) while the ninja were peasants. I'll take being a useless noble any day.
Jun 18, 15 at 3:46am
Samurai,nothing like fighting at sunset in the bridge beside the river
I love Ninjas but... Samurai - I prefer to look my foes in the eyes so they know who defeated them.
Ninja. Sometimes there's nothing like sneaking up behind your enemy and killing them from the shadows. Besides, lining up row after row to take the enemy head on was never my idea of intelligent warfare.
Great.. Now I want to watch Ninja Assassin again. http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view/659052/ninja-assassin-o.gif http://stream1.gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs/103417_o.gif http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_llso0uCY6W1qb0bobo1_500.gif
Hmm.. I prefer samurai.
Jun 18, 15 at 3:02pm
I am more of a ninja. Not into killing myself for dishonoring whatever edict that trumps self-preservation. No thanks.
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