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34 year old Male
Last online about 7 years ago
CheckTheStars, MS
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No worries, I tend to come and go through here as well depending on life's priorities. I've been elbows deep in a few productive projects lately; fixing a set of lights for a band and repairing a motorcycle.
Sorry I haven't been on for awhile guys.Just busy with everyday life.
Sure thing! How's life?
sorry just found your comment from a while back, :) always enjoy making friends
Tbh i just signed up for anything i just need any job XD any job is better than no job lol i needz the money that and my stepdad wants me to help out
omg war of change and phenomenon best 2 songs by them never heard of that jamaican guy though yeah i really hope i get a job i dont wanna be sitting at home all day doing nothing
lights by i am king originally performed by ellie ghoulding. its really good XD oh would've guessed by the name XD but i never really played it oh cool man haha i havent gotten any new games which sucks but i've been trying to get a job and hopefully i can buy my own stuff but thats nice of you to buy your family stuff
*le gasp* is it who i think it is lmao hey man XD hows it going? Im pretty good just here singing really loud even though everyone is asleep lol im just in that mood but i should really quiet down XD
You're welcome :3
Jul 01, 15 at 2:19pm
No problem! :-)