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I'm worthless

just a piece of trash no one can love its true my last BF broke up with me saying I don't love you any more after a year and that was a long distance relationship. My X now whom I'm stuck living with broke up with me because he dosen't love me any more this one is a 2 year ... so ya I'm 22 and I allready know that I'm doomed to be alone and no one can talk me out of it. list why I'll be alone for ever 1.I'm ugly 2.I'm fat 3.I'm too needy 4.I'm too emotional 5.I'm too jealus (looking the way I do why should I not be) 6.I'm 4u^3d in the head (anger issues and depresson) 7.I'm too shy 8.I'm too broken 9.I'm suisidal and I'm too weak to end my life 10.I have no good qwalitys about me 11.I'm not smart T.T I wish I was dead... go ahead make fun of me everyone all ready did at school all my life so its nothing new I all ready know I'm worthless
Here are several reasons why you are not: 1: You are female, females are more valuable than males as they can carry offspring, 1 female and 100 males in a tribe is doomed to die out in a few years, while 1 male 100 females in a tribe will ensure prosperity and growth. So by law of nature, your more valuable than any male member of the population. 2: Things you didnt include on your list that are arguably more worthless than any of the ones you listed; a: drug dealing b: violence c: Abusing of others 3: depending on region and time period, fat is beatiful. 4: ALL women are too emotional, except the ice queens... I could go on but really it is up to yourself to get out of the hole, atleast you dont have cancer, live in rawanda, work in a sweatshop, lost your only child, or whatever a third of the population on this planet has to deal with...
Being disrespected or treated like an outcast by fellow school go'ers and other parts of society is something many of us understand. I still often think I'll have to battle with the world to get my existence noticed. People may make fun of you elsewhere. but here you'll mostly find people that want to comfort and support you. Thou we only have words their existence can feel like magic and make a world of difference. I pray you find the strength you need to live life.
I'm having the hardest time trying to get over my boy friend of 2 years its even harder because I see him every day... I'm trying to give him space but every time I see him exceptionally when I see him sleeping I just want to hug him... I don't want to let him go because he was the only person who ever loved me for me who actually thought I am hot. He made me so happy and felt the same way for him. but I messed us up for a lot of reasons I be leave he still loves me because even thought we are broken up well he told me to wait about a month .... IDK I'm not sure If he'll take me back I just feel like cr@p so IDK what to do T.T I hate myself so much I lost something grate that I'll probable never get back and I didn't mean to Is it so wrong of me to want to be with him all the time? sigh it probably is I am so lonely </3
Here's some suicide advice from /b/: http://img.chan4chan.com/img/2011-03-07/1299498845873.png
lol that was dumb and did not change my mind at all. Life can not be like that with out money for 1 and for 2 that would not be my life choice
Life sucks, you feel like you have no one and you are no use to anyone. The only way out is to want a way out. You have to fight for yourself. Go find a friend to go live with temperary or a relative, get out of the house, ignore the guy, he doesn't care for you. Why does he deserve your attention?? <br></br>Break ups are damn hard (I have been through some rough ones as well, including one that involved violence). Just leave, walk outside, find something to do so you are not stuck at home to look at him. Even if that just means going to a store to look around only. <br></br>So what if you are fat, the one that is meant for you won't care about it. In fact, some men love fat women.<br></br> Go out there and find a group of people you would like to join. Is there an anime fan club at your local college?? Practice getting to know new people. The best way to do this to is to practice while working on a job or volunteer. Just advice. =3
...I'm not really outgoing I dont have friends and I cant leave this place for a lot of reasons I have a job now... also I dont really want friends... I'v had too many bad experiences with friends I am just looking for love... the special someone... thanks I well let him go... he dosent want me no matter what I do... I'm just tired
Finding friends is how you end up finding someone to date and have a relationship with, in my opinion. If you can't work with a friend, how are you going to work with someone you like/love? Generally your special someone IS your best friend. Friends help you get through your personal hells and problems, enjoy life and experiences, and give you reason for being. Sure, some suck and leave you with bad memories or experiences, but if you try and manage how you hang out and act around the friends that actually care, they'll be with you for a long time and remember you even if things don't end up perfect.
Oct 18, 15 at 3:41pm
22 and doomed to be alone for ever? you've still got plenty of years left before you should start talking like that. 1. lots of girls think that about themselves, more often than not it's not true. Usually as a result of self esteem issues or comparing themselves to extremes in beauty such as models or celebrities. You're not ugly just because you don't look like some girl that's been Photoshopped to look better. 2. so get some exercise and don't eat so much then? Being fat isn't a permanent life sentence, people can and do loose wight all the time, but no one ever lost wight by just complaining about being fat and not doing anything about it. Just take up jogging or bike ridding or whatever and you'll see the results eventually. 3. Who isn't? 4. what woman isn't? 5. Not a great trait, but lots of people tend to be. 6. Those can be a bit of a problem, but it's not impossible to work them out. Having friends and family you can talk to can be a good way to work out those issues. 7. Lot of people are, I wouldn't think that's a big deal? 8. I'm not really sure what that's supposed to mean 9. sounds like most of the guys I know lol. I wouldn't say you're weak for not killing yourself, more that part of you knows theres still hope probably. 10. If you didn't have any you never would have been in a relationship in the first place.
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