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42 year old Male
Last online almost 12 years ago
United Kingdom
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Feb 27, 12 at 6:17pm
Hey, I left u a post on your fb wall. Yeah there isnt really alot of people on this site who live in the UK. there is only a few of us... I came on here looking for new friends. You live pretty close to me actually, I only live down the Train Line, Near Milton Keynes. and its always nice to have older friends, i get fed up of always being the oldest.... I need some new friends my social Life Really Sucks, and ive been getting so lonely since my ex... :(
Feb 23, 12 at 6:11pm
Yep thats the Dude xD I met him at Fushi lol I shall add you on Fb. Fancy meeting someone on here who went to fushi, i only know one other on here that went to that i think. ;D
Feb 23, 12 at 4:16pm
Omg I know you then, I saw you in the Hall dancing XD I think your friends with Matt ain't you? do you have facebook?
Being disrespected or treated like an outcast by fellow school go'ers and other parts of society is something many of us understand. I still often think I'll have to battle with the world to get my existence noticed. People may make fun of you elsewhere. but here you'll mostly find people that want to comfort and support you. Thou we only have words their existence can feel like magic and make a world of difference. I pray you find the strength you need to live life.
First I should really recognise have fortunate I am. Living slap bang in the middle of England. Knowing some other local otakus and the odd bit of luck. If I was totally alone I'd probably find it next to impossible to start. I think it goes without saying to check meetup sections of convention forums first, don't go doing the work someone else might have started. But if your looking to start something I'll share my current actions. As the local group hasn't actually meet for about a year I have started holding my own little cosplay picnics. First scouting suitable locations. nice place to be, good'ish transport links, nearest W.C's. I tend to use a local park, 10min walk from the Bus station. Second research ways to contact local law enforcement / council events committee or anyone other government bodies / local companies you believe might want to aware of intentions. This more precaution then necessitate if using a public area. Next Pick a date, time to start and end. Suggest what your planing to a few people. Maybe a facebook events page, post on forums of convention/events This is where I was fortunate 1 person happened across it and invited all her young otaku friends. Else it would have been me and 6 friends I already knew. If you have a attendance you deem reasonable. Inform those that you need permission from of your intended date. If they say No hopefully you'll just disappoint a few. Typical attendance for regular meeting groups is the 30 mark. You can always try another day. If alls ok Increase awareness of the event, leafets, posters in the manga section of local stores etc. Certainly don't try aim for anything as big as convention level on your own. http://www.facebook.com/notes/so-you-want-to-run-an-anime-convention/so-you-want-to-run-an-anime-convention-uk-2012-edition/359806387367511
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