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Do you prefer Introverts or Extroverts?

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I never had a chance to date a extrovert, but I notice I'm usually attracted to introverts IRL, they come off as cool and mysterious to me, and usually pleasantly surprised by their dorkiness.


Hmm...I'm not sure I have a preference. I think I'm an introvert, so maybe an extrovert to balance things out?

Jan 25, 15 at 6:47am

very much a introvert here

not really fussy but probably prefer my own kind lol

Jan 25, 15 at 6:48am

Well, I am an introvert...I've never dated so I wouldn't exactly know who I'd prefer...

Hmm, I think I will probably go for an introvert though...The more similar she is to me, the better, I guess...

Jan 25, 15 at 10:20am

probably an introvert.


Hm.. probably an introvert.. but a introvert who I can have all to myself and will buy me ero doujins hehehehehehehe ;n;


몰라 ’.’


Well since I'm an introvert, I would like someone outgoing but that keeps his secrets to himself and only lets me to know them :0 (these persons actually exist tho)

Old_Reaper commented on Do you prefer Introverts or Extroverts?
Jan 25, 15 at 11:30am

Definitely more of an introvert myself, and what I like tends to lend itself to introverted people

Jan 25, 15 at 3:28pm

Hmm...the old adage of "opposites attract" seem to hold for me. I'm what Myers Briggs would call an INTJ and usually females who are the goofy, outgoing, socializing types almost always attracts my attention first. As for a long-run relationship, I would prefer a more balanced type i.e. enough of an extrovert to network and be friends with most and enough of an introvert to keep one's thoughts to oneself

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