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What fighting game do you play?

And who do you main? I play Blazblue CP, I main Makoto.
Jan 11, 15 at 9:09am
Mortal Kombat ! Hmm I've played almost all of them and I have a favorite in each game but if I'd have to choose Mortal Kombat Armageddon Shao Kahn :D
O man to many games to pick from. Recently I've been playing guilty gear with German as my main. In blaz I main carl. And subzero all the way for mortal kombat
I used to play a bit of soul caliber, but as someone who never really had anyone to play with I never got too much into fighting games. They're usually not very fun in single player I've found.
Skull girls just for the style and art(So jazzy and anime), i know very little of fighting games but that's my go too. Easy to spam stuff in it so that helps. Eliza all the way!!
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Super Smash Bros. Melee! We e-sports now.
I never got why Super Smash Brothers is so popular (but I'm not big on Nintendo anyway). It looks great for 12yr olds with ADHD like my ex gf's little brother for example. But I tend to be obsessed with more realistic type games anyway (which might seem weird coming from a guy who's first games were Asteroids and Pac-man) but my ultimate ideal as far as games go is something that can supplement reality like the holodeck on Star Trek or the VR on Sword Art Online. Until then I can only enjoy open world RPG's like Fallout 3 or Skyrim. The first fighting games I got into were Virtua Fighter 3 and Tekken 2. I was in Tekken 2 tournaments back in the day.
Smash, well Melee in particular, is really popular as a fighting game because of the amount of technical skill it takes to play it at a high level. James Chen of Mahvel fame once said that "In other games like Street Fighter you'll eat a punish, but in this game you kill yourself." Melee is a fighting game distinct from the rest. It's one of the only games where you can inflict damage upon your self. It's a game where there aren't set combos. There's a really good quote from Prog, who used to do commentary for Melee events. He compared Fighting games as Classical Music and Smash as Jazz. With Jazz you have to play improv. You know which notes you want to hit but can you hit them, and if not what can you do? There's a lot special about Melee. From DI to SHFFLing to even more undiscovered techniques. That's really why it's so popular and has been at EVO again these past few years.
Smash Bros. is hella fun, it's a cartoony art direction because it's Nintendo. Don't hate. Uhhh-preeesheATE. Also, back in the day I was obsessed with Soul Calibur myself, though never got too into many fighting games. Oh and MvC2 ofc.
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