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Have you tried other dating sites?

Oct 24, 13 at 8:47am

I've tried eharmony and in the past, but they never weren't doing anything for me. (the girls just wouldn't respond) And it irritated me to no end... and any other girl I met in real life that I developed an interest in either didn't feel the same way or had a boyfriend

I suppose I'm just looking here because I don't want to be hurt and/or disappointed anymore. Has anyone else felt the same way?


You're gonna be disappointed anywhere you go. They're dating sites and they're there to help you find people but you still need to do your side of the work.

Girls will always ignore if they aren't interested, nothing new there. This site is very similar, you'll probably get to talk to a few chicks and stuff but one thing is for certain...

Don't go onto dating websites expecting to find someone, that's the best way to disappoint yourself o_O.


i agree with sharknado ily, love is like a fart, if you try and force it, its probably shit


Oh gawd, Sharknado LOL. NOOOUUUuuUUuU lol.

Oct 24, 13 at 10:43am

Sharknado.. *laughs* anyone ever see the Nostalgia Critic review of it?


On dating sites like those, there's pretty much three guys for everyone one girl. Unless you're a very attractive male with a six pack and/or have a very out-going personality or a lot of money, your chances of finding someone on there is pretty slim since a lot of girls on those sites have far more choice than the guys do. It's sad it's that superficial but that's just the way those sites work.

I have accounts on free sites like pof and okcupid and it's even worse there. I rarely even bother to check them anymore since I rarely if ever got a response from women there. Most "normal" girls on those sites don't want a gamer bf like myself.

I honestly haven't had much more luck here, but I figure my chances are at least a little better because I feel most of the girls who sign up here can at least appreciate most aspects of geek culture like gaming, anime, art, etc.

One of these millenia I'll probably find someone I can click with probably more irl than on here, but it's good to keep all your options open.


double post

Oct 28, 13 at 11:51pm

Uhmmm... I haven't tried other dating websites and I'm sorry that you've come across those problems ^^" Anyways, I met my boyfriend on here, so I hope you have luck as well :)


tornadomushroom said it best. You can try other sites but you will still run into girls not replying back, etc.

Oct 31, 13 at 12:45pm

never had any progress D: no one was ever active

this site is nice cuz of the open community ^3^! even if u don't all in love ull deff make awesome friends

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