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32 year old Male
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Youtube Channel Growing, been making Cosplay Music Videos. And so far I am planning to attended 5 Conventions for next year.

Feb 21, 14 at 2:48pm

Oh cool. I've never played Paintball, but I hear it hurts. Does Airsoft hurt more on impact?

I've never actually done pottery. I was ready to sign up when my car died. Ok, I'll check out your channel further.

Feb 20, 14 at 7:28pm

What's Airsoft? I've been getting ready for Lent by cooking up more seafood dishes lately. My family are not big seafood eaters, other than shrimp. This year though, will be different.

I'm work as a cashier on most days, volunteer at my church, help my big family by cleaning or cooking, and I entertain my younger siblings. I've been going to get little talks in different churches. As soon as I get my car back, going back to gym and taking classes in pottery. I enjoy reading, painting, Big Bang Theory, Bones, setting booby traps on my little siblings to convince them I am all seeing.

I noticed you have a youtube channel, does that take a lot of time? What made you start it?

Feb 16, 14 at 12:21pm

No problem. I've been busy myself. Snow is starting to melt and hopefully it will be the end of winter. So, other than cosplay and watching anime, what else do you like to do?

Feb 01, 14 at 2:27pm

Unfortunately, not right now. My car is out of commission and it limits where I go. I haven't been to the gym and I'm lucky I have a ride to work. I volunteered to help the Humane Society, but then car troubles arose, and I haven't done a thing yet. I feel guilty and lazy. Been helping around the house more though. How have you been? What did you do at the convention?

Jan 22, 14 at 2:00pm

You are going to be three things at once? I know those games, but have never played them. I'm just a cashier myself, I like to volunteer too. When the snow melts away, I plan to do more things outside of my church, such as volunteer at Humane Society or work more with children.


thanks for the luck! and OMG that all sounds sooooo exciting! :D i wanted to go to ohayocon last year! Are you cosplaying?

Jan 20, 14 at 3:41pm

Sooner or later, I will go to a convention and dress as Sailor Moon. What are you going to be at the con this time? I have some uncles who are Security guards at a casino in MN.

Jan 19, 14 at 2:01pm

That's nice. Same here, except I've never been to a convention. What do you work as?


That is great! Sadly i don't think i will be making it to any cons this year...i am trying to get a house so thats where all the money is going... UGH i wish i could though! But once i am settled i should be going next year :) Which con are you going to?

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