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Last online about 2 hours ago
Well I like to change again my bio since I deleted everything about me and started to ignore people because life isn't always that great.

I will start by saying my name which is Alexandra, my parents and everyone who knows or doesn't know me calls me Sun (my mom used to say that I bring light in everyones life just by caring about everyone more than I care about myself). I like to think of myself like a pretty nice person who would do anything to make people feel happy even when I'm down.

I love video games, drawing, writing, making poems, singing, reading and many more. The sad part about this is that I don't really have friends, that's why I like to close myself in everything I can.

I love animals, right now I rescued a kitten from the streets, and I have another 6 cats and 10 dogs. I had snakes and spiders too so let's say that I'm not afraid.

I like to talk very much about deep stuff, soulmates, tarot readings, twin flames, everything.

If you're gonna ask me about my favorite anime the answear will always be Hotarubi No Mori E, 30 mins of happiness and saddness.

I'm a virgo and I'm an INFJ-T. I'm 17 years old, born on 22 september.

When I have free time I play on my consoles, I have an ps1, ps2, p3, ps4, psp, xbox one, xbox 360, Retro Mini Gameboy and an Nintendo DS.