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24 year old Female
Last online over 3 years ago
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Hey whats up? We have a few shows in common as well as we live in the same state lol.
Just bought Animal Crossing and a DS Switch Lite! Next is Pokemon Sword/Shield, and Pokemon Lets Go Eevee!
O shit I just real the about section and just realized I have 0 selfies of myself. Big oof
I can't upload a new anime that wasn't listed TwT "Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it"
Age: 20 Name: Summer A pet peeve: Slow walkers, bullies, slow texters, open mouth eaters, scary or overly safe drivers, not making eye contact One trait you're attracted to: Physically- In shape; Emotionally- Kindness, spontaneity, Hopeless Romantic The tolerable age Gap willing to date: 18-26 One of your good traits that would be considered desirable in a relationship: I don't play games, I LOVE cuddles, I am definitely a bottom, I have a cute booty, I will always be faithful One of your bad traits most people usually don't like: Some people (mainly my sister) thinks I'm annoying. I'm flat chested... stretch marks and acne Men, women, or both: I'm heteroflexible (I'm straight but shit happens...)