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Speedish dating


Since it's about hopefully future budding relationships I'll make it here.
This is a serious relationship forum. For MO members who are single who truly wants to try and find someone put a short profile of yourself here in this forum. Basically....
Age: 30
(Optional) Name:
A pet peeve:smacking lips really drives me insane.
One trait you're attracted to: creativity.
The tolerable age Gap willing to date: 25-37
(Optional)One of your good traits that would be considered desirable in a relationship: I enjoy being around the one I'm dating. I won't put them in ice for days unless something serious came up in my life that I would have to deal with.
(Optional)One of your bad traits most people usually don't like:I have a tendency to be clingy at times.
(Optional)Men, women, or both: Men
Please use this profile and post the answers to it. Add any other known facts that might be seen as needed on the profile.
This week Saturday I will go through all the posts and bring together the participating members two by two.
The members will have three days to talk to each other and at least figure out if they want to keep in touch. This can be done in your personal messages, or if for a more secure route converse here. After three days if the members want to switch around tell me here. Reason why I call it speedish dating. I don't expect instant dating connections, but maybe this will help bring another member to mind as a potential choice in the dating field.

Aug 04, 19 at 11:11pm

Age: 20 (Male)

Name: Lee/Sad Boi

Pet Peeve: Overly social/talkative strangers

Trait I like: Shy yet mentally supportive and caring person

Age gap: Within 3ish years

Good Trait: I am good at games maybe

Bad Trait: Aside from everything about me, probably always being a Sad Boi

Looking for: Female

Other stuff: IDK... Ask me maybe?


Let’s give this a fucking go

Name: (a secret)
Pet peeve: Not listening
Trait I like: Depends on the whole person
Age gap: idk
Bad trait: being paradoxical with internal turmoil
Looking for: female
Other stuff: Art,music,etc. I like lots of things

Aug 04, 19 at 11:55pm

Name: Mary (duh)
Pet peeve: Whore attention
Trait I like: Helps me
Age gap: Anything just legal and not +30
Bad trait: My extreme autistic humor and me being a retard
Looking for: Both


Age: 35

Name: Eugene (in English); Evgenij (in Russian); Evhen (in Ukrainian and Polish)

A pet peeve: whenever someone criticizes my choices and/or gives me advice for which I never bothered to ask

Trait I Like: creative self-expression and use of imagination

Age Gap: I'm looking for someone who belongs to the fandoms of Puella Magi and Vocaloid and Sailor Moon, and according to statistics, most people who fall into this category are much younger than me. So whoever my "soulmate" turns out to be, they would most likely be someone who is anywhere between 10 to 15 years younger than me. (Statistics are statistics. This is not my fault at all. I can't program people of my generation like robots.)

Good Trait: I'm organized and very good at remembering birthdays, dates, and trivial little details.

Bad Trait: I'm a stubborn introvert

Looking For: Women. Pure and proud otaku women.

Aug 05, 19 at 9:07pm

Pet peeve: people repeating themselves over and over.
Trait I like: has both a nice and not so nice side.
Age gap: 18+
Good trait: optimistic to an almost annoying degree. And can’t stay angry about anything for more then a day.
Bad trait: I talk too much over the phone or online but not nearly enough irl.
Looking for: woman


Age: 22
Name: Dijon
Pet peeve: people who wear flip flops with every outfit
Trait i like: loyalty
Age gap: 18-29
Good trait: i like making people laugh and having a good time talking with them
Bad trait: super stubborn -3-
Looking for: women

Aug 05, 19 at 9:28pm

Age: 20
Name: Sam
Pet peeve: people who don't communicate what they want
Trait I like: talent
Age: 18-26. 18 is a hard limit, 26 is not but gets a little kinky beyond that.
Good Trait: I am sharp and creative
Bad Trait: low motivation
Looking for: women

Aug 05, 19 at 10:33pm

Is this for really serious inquiries only? Or can I enter in as my other persona "GROG! DESTROYER OF WORLDS!"?

Aug 05, 19 at 10:42pm

Can I participate with my other personality, Grognak The Destroyer Attorney at Law?

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