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Last online almost 7 years ago
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I look forward to getting along with you as well. I have not been on here for quite some time. So I apologize for such a late response.
Oh xD its okay thats cool ^^
o.o I like your picture xD
I guess I'm going to be both like and unlike PrinceOfJunes's first post... I have to say Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. I just generally like it. I found both the single player and multiplayer fun to play... Which was why I was a tad bit surprised to see the massive amount of hate it got when I first heard the internet's opinion on it.
Hmm... I don't think it's really a case of people saying that the good one are due to the sex, just more so that the ones with a proper story tend to have sexual scenes... Of course, with some exceptions such as: Steins;Gate or as you said, Clannad... I have quite a few Visual Novels myself, however I don't yet have a Windows Laptop to actually play them... The immediate one that I can think of that has a longer story to it would be 'Katawa Shoujo'... It's Free, though I imagine you've likely heard of it, due to it being the 'go to' recommendation, particularly among Mac users since it's one of the few proper Visual Novels that can operate on it... Of course, whether you'll like it or not, I can't really say... Oh, and it does have 18+ Scenes, but you can toggle them off in the options...