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31 year old Male
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Irving, TX
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Oooooooi @moxplayer left a comment for sincerelysean
May 18, 16 at 11:36am
sorry mate, now I get it :D
Yellow @yellow left a comment for sincerelysean
May 18, 16 at 11:14am
Hello~ but of course! Thanks for welcoming me this kindly! ..It doesn't work out well for most people?
sincerelysean @sincerelysean For me not really ^^;
Currently watching the apparent new series of Oreimo. I found this series on youtube when i was looking up a scene from another anime. I was watching it a bit and thought oh this romance anime looks good the guy is confessing...Then i read the subtitles apparently it was his sister he was confessing to. I eagerly looked down at the comments. Amazingly enough people were respectful of ones comment and kept to their own clicks. This alone made this worth watching. Not going to say im rooting for the bro/sis thing but hey everything up to that is hilarious.
Highschool DxD...The only anime ive ever known to add in the term "Tig ol bitties" into its dub...Just...Wow lol...