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What you look for in a potential relationship

So basically I'm wondering what you guys look for in a girl, like... what are things that make you take a 2nd look at someone. Kinda like what's your dream girl in a way.
Hmmm...haven't put much thought into it until now... It would be nice to find someone that has these traits: -Caring enough to be nice to people and worry about others -Shares some of my interests (gaming/anime/technology, some - not all) -Has independent professional dreams (life is easier and less boring when both parties earn money) -Sense of humor -Easy to share a conversation with -Fine with me spending time with friends every once in a while Bonus points: -Likes cosplay -Doesn't mind going to a Game or Anime convention every once in a while -Wouldn't mind seeing other countries -Enjoys trying new foods or other experiences -If into anime, willing to watch new or different shows. I will edit/add to this list if I think of anything else.
A partner who is whole and self sufficient but not an independent selfish stand-alone type. Probably someone who vales balance as much as I do. They must be good natured but a little mischievous with the wisdom to know when is the right time for each. I am typically attracted to creative types and unrestrained lovers.
The type who can deal with my stupidity...Yeah that about sums it up.
I'm just looking for a girl I share many interests with and I can have fun with and who likes me back. She might have major flaws, but that's what acceptance is all about. Nobody's perfect and if being with her is even slightly better than just doing my own thing, she's a keeper in my book ^^
Someone that makes you laugh and smile. Tis the simplest gifts of life xD
Someone who will be there with you through good and bad times. Really I just want someone to love me as I will them.
Main attributes are: -Somewhat serious -Gives me a hard time (at least once in a while) -Knows what they want -They have to care even if they don't outwardly say it -Someone I'm comfortable being weak around (which right now only consists of my older sister and father) -If I start losing confidence in myself, kick my ass back to reality -Doesn't mind me adopting at least one child -They can look past how prideful I can be at least most of the time -They let me keep my firearms in the house -Not racist/sexist -I'm not a party person and I hate the club so hopefully I won't get dragged along -Most of all, someone I'm morally compatible with And that is the list of why I'll always be single :(
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